Home Sweet Home

A collection of my favorite images taken in my hometown Munich or in Bavaria.

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  1. f/6.3
  2. 1/1000 sec
  3. 50mm
  4. ISO 200

The Bird Man

Miniature Ice Sculpture - the rest of a frozen soap bubble backlit by the setting sun. Dark Pop Art Filter, glad the E-M1.2 still has art filters

  1. f/5
  2. 1/20 sec
  3. 32mm
  4. ISO 200

BMW World

Stairway to heaven (i.e. to pick up the brand new car

  1. f/2
  2. 1/30 sec
  3. 8mm
  4. ISO 200

The Munich Underground Monster

Look what i found at the westfriedhof underground station: A monster with eyes, a huge mouth and even two fangs lurking below the ceiling :O!

  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/100 sec
  3. 12mm
  4. ISO 200

Munich Underground: Marienplatz

PEN-F with Cross Processing Art-Filter

  1. f/5
  2. 1/20 sec
  3. 40mm
  4. ISO 200

Autumn Sunset III

another colourful sunset shor from my kitchen balcony :)

  1. f/5
  2. 1/50 sec
  3. 18mm
  4. ISO 3200


Wavelike bends in the rocks of the Partnachklamm