Home Sweet Home

A collection of my favorite images taken in my hometown Munich or in Bavaria.

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  1. f/5.6
  2. 1/125 sec
  3. 14mm
  4. ISO 200

Core Punch

January sunset with a hole in the sky

  1. f/10
  2. 1/640 sec
  3. 50mm
  4. ISO 200

Twin Bubble

Playing with dish-detergent and snow

  1. f/1.8
  2. 15 sec
  3. 8mm
  4. ISO 800


Nightsky at Knabenhof in the Bavarian Forest, shot towards the east. The villages in the lower left corner are Teisnach and Bodenmais, the light behind the trees in the lower right corner is from Ruhmannsfelden. There was more light pollution than i expected, unfortunately it also illuminated the mist and the contrails.

  1. f/5
  2. 1/20 sec
  3. 26mm
  4. ISO 3200

December Sunset

Incredible sky, we had the most amazing sunsets this year.

  1. f/4.5
  2. 1/2500 sec
  3. 40mm
  4. ISO 100

Fog over Lake Starnberg

We were hiking from Possenhofen to Tutzing whenwe spotted this canoe.

  1. f/5
  2. 1/125 sec
  3. 19mm
  4. ISO 200

Fire in the sky

View from my back balcony