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2017-05-07A Travel: Lanzarote - Twilight and Golden Hour at the Playa de la Garita

This morning we got up real early to take some pictures of our models at the Playa de la Garita - the beautiful sandy bay next to Arrieta. We met at short past six, half an hour before sunrise and still rather cool but the sky was already glorious and the water calm.

I very soon noticed that with exception of some long time exposures, pictures of more or less nude girls on the beach or in shallow water somehow are not my cup of tea.
Here is what i decided to keep ....

The beach
La Garita TwilightWe started shooting at 6:45 which was a bit too late for twilight.
Sunrise over Arrieta Iseen from the Playa de la Garita
Sunrise over Arrieta III havw to admit that this sunrise is a little bit digitally enhanced ;-)

Longtime Exposures

As time goes by IModel: Rassamee Gesell, Styling: herself, Location: Lanzarote, Arrieta, Playa de la Garrita
As time goes by IIModel: Rassamee Gesell, Styling: herself, Location: Lanzarote, Arrieta, Playa de la Garita
As time goes by IIIooc jpg
As time goes by IVIt is hard to stand still without moving anything for almost 2 seconds!

Playboy Style

Golden SunriseModel: #KATAHE, Styling: herself, Location: Lanzarote, Playa de la Garita
Preview Sanchezooc jpg
Preview #KATAHEooc jpg
Preview Rassamee and #KATAHEooc jpg
VenusFräulein Frisco takes a bath
Venus IIIFräulein Frisco takes a bath


3 cold and wet girlsooc jpg

Here is the slideshow of the whole album

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    On May 5th we departed from Munich to meet with Stefan Gesell and a group of fellow photographers for a model sharing event to take fashon, erotic and nude images of 5 beautiful and talented ladies on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

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