A collection of my favorite underwater pictures from scanned slides and digital bridge cameras. The image quality is far away from what we are used today but i love those images anyway.

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Pink Sea Pen

On a night dive at a place called Torpedo in Horseshoe Bay ( Rinca, Indonesia) we found a whole colony of those pink Sea Pens (Pteroeides sp

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  1. f/11
  2. 1/50 sec
  3. 10.4mm
  4. ISO 199


This Stargazer (Uranoscopus ?) was only one of the many critters we saw on our night dives at a place called Critters at Banta island (Indonesia).

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Ornate Ghost Pipefish

At Torpedo in Horseshoe Bay (Rinca, Indonesia) we also spotted this beautiful Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus). He was more than 10 cm long. We produced a small sandstorm while watching it and i had to remove lots of backscatter afterwards.

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#pindito  #solenostomus paradoxus

  1. f/8
  2. 1/125 sec
  3. 6.6mm
  4. ISO 100


Jacks at the wreck of the USAT Liberty in Tulamben (Bali, Indonesia)

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Neon fusiliers

While we were diving at a beautiful place named Batu Batu Dekat near Gili Lawa Laut (Indonesia), we met this huge school of Neon fusiliers (Pterocaesio tile). Several thousands of them were swimming around us for a while.

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#pindito  #pterocaesio tile

  1. f/11
  2. 1/30 sec
  3. 7.5mm
  4. ISO 322

Indian Tubeworm

The picture of this yellow Indian Tubeworm (Sabellastarte indica) was taken at Cannibal Rock in Horseshoe Bay.

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#pindito  #sabellastarte indica