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August 2015

Images taken in August 2015

Please don't open if you feel offended by erotic photography and/or naked bodies or if you are under 16 years of age!

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2015-05-09 Weather: Thunderstorm at Sunset

If you also love to take pictures of thunderstorms witth lightnings and dramatic clouds, then you know that the best storms are those shot in front of or next to the setting sun. Today i was lucky to capture some images of a thunderstorm at sunset using… Read more

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2015-04-22 Munich: Olympic Park

Tom and me shot some images during sunset and twilight at Munich's Olympic Park and later on at the BMW world. Some images are HDRs but iI also played a bit with the Live Comnposite feature of my E-M1, using it to smooth clouds and water without blowing Read more

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Gear: How to configure AF on demand and other AEL/AFL related Behaviour on Olympus mFT Cameras like the OM-D E-M1 I

Many photographers prefer to decouple exposure meaturing from AF but struggle how to set up this behaviour on their E-M1. Read more

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 Gear: Download Links for E-M1 I and II manuals

Olympus often publishes updated versions of the manuals when new features have been added to the cameras via a FW update. You can download the most recent version of the manuals for the E-M1 I and II via the following download links: Read more

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2013-11-02: A bad case of GAS or "Bigger is better"

You may ask yourself why someone using a mFT camera is writing about GAS and FF sensors. Well, today we met at the studio ... Read more

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