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2009-10-13 Travel: From Nairobi to Lake Baringo

This year Soulbrother and Soulsister joined us on a Safari through the Kenyan Rift Valley from Lake Baringo down to the Masai Mara.

We spent the first night at the Nairobi Holiday Inn, started early in the morning and drove northwards along the Rift Valley to our first stop Lake Baringo.

Welcome to the Rift Valley ...Rift Valley, Kenya
Mount LongonotRift Valley, Kenya

At the equator, a girl named Anne demonstrated a nice hoax of the corriolis effect to us.

According to our GPS the Equator is 300m further to the North ;-)Equator, Kenya
A Girl named Anne at the fake equatorEquator, Kenya

2 hours later we reached the shore of Lake Baringo where a small motor boat carried us to the Lake Baringo Island Camp, a relaxed paradise for bird lovers.

Where is the Boat?Lake Baringo, Kenya
Soulbrother learns to love BirdsIsland Camp, Lake Baringo, Kenya

We spent the afternoon relaxing from the long drive and enjoying the iland and the many colourful birds

Beautiful Sunbird (Nectarinia pulchella)Island Camp, Lake Baringo, Kenya

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    2011-06-04 A Trip to the Danube Delta

    In June 2011 my husband Tom and me joined some of my Romanian colleagues for a long weekend photo-trip to the Romanian part of the Danube Delta.