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2013-01-05 Steampunk Glasses and Mad Maxine

Today we met in Stafen's studio to shoot some images with steampunk outfit but in the end we mainly used the glasses and shot a series of Madlen styled as "Mad Maxine".

Please don't read on if you feel offended by erotic photography and/or naked bodies or if you are under 16 years of age!

We started with a nice outfit and one of Andreas's collection of steampunk guns. Madlen is posing as a kind of female Sherlock working under cover. I later added a library bookshelf as a bg and called the image "The Librarian".

The LibrarianModel: Madlen G.

Next we decided to turn off the studio light and play with the steampunk glasses. Rassamee was standing between two neontubes and we were shooting with shallow DOF in mind.

The final session of the day was Madlen styled as "Mad Maxine", again wearing the steampunk glasses.

Here is the link to a slideshow with more images of this studio session

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