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2017-10-18 Exhibition: Lanzarote Girls, images to print finally delivered

I filled in for another photographer for the November exhibition at Foto Video Sauter in Munich on rather short notice and decided to show some images from my trip to Lanzarote last May. The final decision was on me but i had a fun rating contest with 50 candidate images running for a week and want to say Thank You to every one who participated and left some hearts.

The exhibition will feature 22 prints of five different models as well as additional photos including some making of snapshots and some island scenery shown in a slideshow on a large 4k screen.

Today i finally finished editing the last of the printed mages and uploaded them all for printing.

Here is the link to the official page:

The title image is called "Stranded on Mars" and is also shown on flyers and posters

Stranded on MarsWhen the spaceship of beautiful astronaut #katahe exploded while she was taking a shower, she barely managed to put on her sneakers, grab her cigarettes, a lighter, her sunglasses and a parachute and jump ship ...

and here is the slideshow with all 22 images


2015-05-22 Abstract: It ain't art but fun to do

Every year in December i choose some images as donations for the Christmas charity event of my friends Jörn and Marion Tiggemann from SD-E. This is not an easy task because very few of my images and artwork are suited to decorate the walls in a living room.
Well, this year i'll try my luck with two series of wipes with altered colours using Photoshop and RadLab. I am actually quite happy to have completed this task in May, leaves more time for Christmas shopping and gift wrapping in December.

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2013-12-03 Charity: Prints for the Philippines

I guess we all felt helpless watching the damage and destruction typhoon Hayian (Yolanda) brought to the Philippines. Donating some money sure helped a bit but i am no Croesus and was looking for a different way to help when i read about Neil Buchan-Grant’s wonderful “Prints for the Philippines” campaign on tumblr.

Prints for the Philippines on Tumblr

Deutsch ist Ihnen lieber? Hier können Sie sich meine Spendenaktion als PDF Datei mit deutschem Text ansehen.

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