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2015-05-22 Abstract: It ain't art but fun to do

Every year in December i choose some images as donations for the Christmas charity event of my friends Jörn and Marion Tiggemann from SD-E. This is not an easy task because very few of my images and artwork are suited to decorate the walls in a living room.
Well, this year i'll try my luck with two series of wipes with altered colours using Photoshop and RadLab. I am actually quite happy to have completed this task in May, leaves more time for Christmas shopping and gift wrapping in December.

Here are the images, what do you think?

Set 1 (no border)

Unbordered IVertical wipe of a chestnut tree, Munich Hofgarten
Unbordered IVZoomed spin of a chestnut tree, Munich Hofgarten
Unbordered IIIDiagonal shaky wipe if chestnut trees, Munich Hofgarten
Unbordered IIVertical wipe of chestnut trees, Munich Hofgarten

Set 2 (black border)

Bordered IIISunset at Munich Hofgarten, vertical wipe combined with a bit of shake rattle and roll
Bordered IISunset at Munich Hofgarten, vertical wipe
Bordered IVSunset at Munich Hofgarten, diagonal wipe plus a bit of roll
Bordered ISunset at Munich Hofgarten, horizontal wipe